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Wendy Marks Woodwind
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About Wendy.

Wendy Marks Woodwind Tuition, Freeland, Nr Witney, Oxfordshire

Wendy in Mermaid Kiss
A few years ago Wendy was invited to join up with her long-standing friend Jamie Field on Mermaid Kiss’s album Etarlis.
On the album she played oboe, Cor Anglais and various recorders, although she now finds herself playing double bass, flute and singing as the group performs live.

“A special section was prepared for Wendy Marks' cor anglais, oboe and recorders, that also contribute significantly to the overall sound achieved.”  
Russ Elliot in New York – about the Etarlis album)
Wendy Marks holding oboe and singing with Mermaid Kiss

“... supported by lyrical woodwind playing from Wendy Marks.”

(Dutch Progressive Rock)

“The addition of woodwinds (Wendy Marks) gives an air of
civilised chamber music in places.”

“Great use of the wind instruments played by Wendy Marks on stage”

Winter’s End Festival, Stroud  March 2010

“...Wendy Marks’ beautiful flute playing...”


Review of “Circles” - released March 2012

And as a professional oboist